CoC Drafting Group TC


Format: Telephone Conference – Drafting Session

Place: Remote

Participants (affiliations): Anne Bahr (EFPIA/Sanofi), C. Becker (European Society of Radiology), Minerva de la Paz (EFPIA/Novartis), D. Mascalzoni (EURAC/RD-Connect), M. Matei (ECRIN), Michaela Th. Mayrhofer (BBMRI-ERIC), F. Molnar-Gabor (Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften/EMBL), D. Townend (University of Maastricht/Global Alliance), E. van Veen (MedLawconsult/CESSDA), Jasjote Grewal  (BBMRI-ERIC, minutes)

Summary: Updates were provided in relation to working group activities, as well as a time frame for next steps.

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