SSHoC Workshop: Code of Conduct


This was an interactive workshop for policy makers, practitioners and others working with GDPR, research ethics, and Codes of Conduct.

Participants have gained practical insights into the challenges inherent in establishing a Code of Conduct and learn the how and why from experts in the field.

The outcomes of the workshop will be incorporated into an ongoing project task to set up a Code of Conduct specifically for Social Sciences and Humanities researchers.

The content of the workshop was as follows:

  • Presentation of findings from SSHOC report on the impact of the GDPR and its implications for EOSC, Ina Nepstad NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data
  • Anatomy of a Code of Conduct and Implications for GDPR, Mathilde Steinsvåg Hansen, NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data
  • Creation of a Code of Conduct in health research, Michaela Th. Mayrhofer, BBMRI ERIC
  • Plenary and break-out discussion of experiences, challenges, and recommendations

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